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Welcome to Kana Living! 

I am honored and excited you are here! 


Kana is a safe space that invites you to explore your being in loving awareness so you can find your way back home, to yourself, and live your life in optimal health and wellness.

Look around, let's connect!

- Belen ♥

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ground, purify, renew

When the seasons change, our systems become vulnerable, potentially weakening immune function, and making us susceptible to  fatigue, stagnation, allergies and more.


The purpose of our Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse  is to help us transition from one season to another - supporting the balance of body, mind and spirit.


Register for our FREE introductory session were we will discuss all the details of our upcoming Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse



7:00pm CT


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Please join me and Maddie Goff for an evening designed to nourish your mind, body, and spirit!


Come experience deep relaxation, inner peace and spiritual healing as you activate and harmonize your chakras and access your body’s energetic pathways. 

You will learn about the seven main chakras, practice yin yoga postures specifically designed to open and activate each chakra, and receive Reiki energy healing.


Let go of mental and emotional blockages as you harness the power of yoga and Reiki and bring peace and healing into your life.


March 30th

7:30 p.m.

Jungle Dallas - Bishop Arts



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