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Celebrate the new year with a week packed with inspiration to grow, heal, and love deeply in 2023.


Finding and choosing a healthy partnership depends on the health of the relationship you have with yourself. It takes self-awareness and an intention to heal yourself so you can be fully present for love.


This 5-day on-demand Summit brings together 15+ talented coaches and speakers to share what they do best and give singles the resources to so the inner work needed to meet their person in 2023.


This Summit is for anyone who is self-aware and ready to invest time and energy into their own healing.


It’s for people who are interested in a holistic approach to healing your heart, body, and mind to clear the gunk that's been stopping you from claiming the healthy, lasting love you deeply desire.


Maybe you just feel like you’ve hit a wall with dating and need some inspiration to find a new approach. Or you’re simply curious about where you’re going wrong in love or are not sure where to begin.


Tune in to hear 15 professionals offer their solutions and guidance and see which path to healing and love resonates with you most deeply.


  •  5 days: Monday, Jan.9 through Friday, Jan. 13thw

  • 2-4 speakers per day sharing their best-kept secrets

  • Tons of freebie downloads for you to choose from

  • On-demand dripped content to watch (and rewatch!) at your convenience

  • 100% free access for the first 5 days, then it’s $22 starting January 14th.

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