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Ayurveda teaches us that cleansing each season helps us find balance that supports our mind, body, and spirit. With the change of seasons, our systems become more vulnerable, potentially weakening immune function, and making us susceptible to allergies, flu, fatigue, and more. 

Spring symbolizes rebirth, and naturally, it is a time of detoxification and renewal. The strong energy of nature in springtime can help encourage a natural process of detoxification inviting us to clear stagnation, sluggishness and excess toxin build up accumulated during  the winter months.

Our Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse will help you to:
  • Gently cleanse your body and mind from accumulated toxins from the previous season.

  • Strengthen and balance your digestion (Agni)

  • Detoxify and rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit

  • Strengthen your immunity, preventing illness and promoting optimal health

  • Learn Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle practices for supporting your unique constitution and find equilibrium during the Spring.

  • Empower your capacity for self-healing and inward discovery.

What's Included + Pricing
  • 7 days Ayurvedic guided cleanse for mind, body, and spirit.

  • Introduction to Ayurveda, the 5 elements, 3 Doshas and the importance of the seasons in relation to our well-being.

  • A pdf booklet with Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse guidelines, purifying recipes, meal plans, and self-care routines.

  • Online live and recorded community sessions:

    •  Spring Equinox + New Moon Rituals, Meditations, Yoga, Pranayama, Ayurvedic Routines, Plant Based Nourishing Recipes + Meal Plans.

  • Online Community support for motivation and healing. 

  • 15% discount for Ayurvedic products from Banyan Botanicals.

PRICE: $222 per person

*all sales are final

*our live program has ended, recorded sessions are available until may 29th.

Meet Your Guides

A passionate Ayurvedic Health + Lifestyle Counselor and Yoga teacher born and raised in Quito, Ecuador, Belen brings her passion for healing and managing a holistic lifestyle by offering support in preventive care, diet, and lifestyle.

Belen’s path to becoming an Ayurvedic Health Counselor started by teaching Yoga. Throughout her career, she has led beginner, intermediate, and advanced vinyasa flow classes as well as restorative, yin, and hatha yoga.

To compliment her private and group yoga classes, Belen offers guided meditations focused on mindful breathing techniques and body sensations. She is passionate about creating awareness in the body and mind to cater to her students’ specific needs.

A few years into her yoga career, Belen found Ayurveda — Yoga’s sister science. Belen brings her devotion to healing and managing a holistic lifestyle by guiding her clients through the importance of quality of sleep, healthy digestion and energy management — the three pillars of life according to Ayurveda.

Belen has immersed herself into practicing a mindful, dedicated holistic lifestyle and is looking forward into being the vessel through which you find harmony and peace in your own life.


Maria Colina is the creator and founder of Luminous Healing. She has been a gifted healer, facilitator, and teacher in the San Francisco Bay area since 2006.


Maria offers an integrative approach to healing through Reiki, Sound Healing, Meditation, and Ayurveda. Her purpose is to support you in your path to self-healing and discovery.   


Maria is a native of Venezuela and now lives in California. 

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