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Welcome to Kana Living, a haven for self-love and discovery, where the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga meet to guide you on a journey towards optimal health and well-being. My name is Belen, and Kana Living is not just a business; it's a culmination of my roots, experiences, and a profound belief in the power of embracing one's true nature.

The name 'Kana' holds a special place in my heart—it's a Quechua word from my homeland, Ecuador, and in Spanish, it translates to 'to be.' To me, it signifies more than just words; it's a connection to my roots and a constant reminder to BE—authentic, present, and in harmony with nature and ourselves. Through Kana Living, I extend this invitation to you—to embrace your true nature and discover your inner wisdom to heal.

The story of Kana Living is a story of roots, authenticity, and the pursuit of well-being. It's a testament to the belief that by embracing our true nature, we unlock the doors to healing and harmony. I invite you to join this journey with me, to discover the radiant inner self that navigates life with mindfulness, purpose, and profound well-being.


Welcome to Kana Living—where the path to self-discovery and optimal health unfolds with each mindful step.

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